How it works

Karmmit is a platform to build real karma by helping others. It is also a platform to get help. There is no money involved, no credit cards.

When you join, you start with a karma score of 100. You can use that karma score to ask for help, or offer help to gain karma score.

You also get 15 extra karma points for every successful referral you bring to the community.

The actual value of services or items can't be defined in the beginning, but with time the system will learn how to value each help offer. For the time being, users get to decide how much they are willing to pay for help.

By 'help' we actually mean things like

  • Online help with tasks, simple chatting, advice
  • Walk someone's dog when they can't
  • Offer some food you won't use
  • Deliver their groceries
  • Offer toys, tools, or anything for Karma score

The system will keep 10% of any karma you receive by offering help. This is sent to our karma reserve, used to offer starting karma for new users.

Only one account per user. And we are going to ensure you follow the rules or you will be banned. Due to the nature of our launch, we will reserve the right to block/ban any accounts we believe are abusing the system, until we have a proper set of rules/terms in place.

That's it. We are launching it in a rush due to pandemic times, so no time to bells and whistles.